November 1, 2017

Up to speed with static HTML

After a failed attempt to maintain a blog with Wordpress for 10++ years, it is about time to revert to static html and see if that helps.

My failure wasn’t at all related to Wordpress as a blogging engine. I simply forgot to update the blog. There was nothing on my mind that was really relevant to write about in public. There is still nothing on my mind which is really worhwhile sharing in public. I used to care about such things, now I don’t care any longer; I have a static html blog now, and from that perspective, the meaningless suddenly seem more relevant, knowing that what ever less/non-relevant content I write here can be referenced eternally [internet-relative].

I chose a static html generator, Hugo to build and maintain the html structure. Hugo is a neat implementation of a html generator written in Go. It’s super fast, plays nicely with the command-line and has a very flexible plugin and extension scheme. Content is provided written in simple Markdown syntax. The whole shebang is easilly accessible on Github which provides a simple exit for putting blame if for some reason these pages suddenly doesn’t work…

Due to my overdue love-affair with Ruby I was tempted to go with Jekyll, which is written in pristine Ruby and mannaged with Ruby Gems, which is also an intriguing and interessting framework for simple static html magic. Jekyll appealed to the hacker-ish devil within, whilst Hugo resonate with the pragmatic and rational sys-admin.

Now, any suggestions for a content generator?

Tags: blog