November 21, 2020

Static HTML next phase - Clojure

It's been three years since I made a switch to static html for this journal (blog kind of looses it's meaning once you update it less than annually?)

I even made a post about it back then,..

So, what changed? Nothing. Except Clojure. Since December 2019 I have emerged full time in Clojure and ClojureScript in my day-to-day job. And it made sense to move to a static HTML tool written in Clojure. For no other reason besides just-because-I-can, and the oportunity to actually learn something.

Cryogen is fun. Neat, clean and simple. Just as I'd expect. Did Cryogen add something I didn't already have? Probably not. If it did, I most likely will forgett to post an entry about my observation.

Tags: blog